LFA 2010 | RIBA Speaker's Crescent: Brazil | 20 June, 10 - 10:40am

Swarming Futures: Ambiguities and Opportunities in Designing Brazilian Cities

A preview of the 'Swarming Futures' exhibition will be presented in the LFA 2010 Speaker's Crescent Pavilion by the curator Ricardo de Ostos in a special event organized by RIBA.

The talk will discuss the history of future visions embodied in Brazilian cities, the role of speculation and large scale urban propositions that have been embedded in Brazilian culture. From economical to political causes infrastructure has been created and deployed in distant parts of the country. Fast urbanisation aided by an unique mix of technological dexterity and DIY created a rich scene where city planning and unplanned development cope side by side. A study of different yesterday's futures experienced by Brazilian cities will be put together in relation to the current optimism surrounding the country. As part of the 'Welcoming Cities' exhibition at the Embassy of Brazil in London the talk will highlight current proposals for the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro alongside innovative architectural works by young upcoming architects. Drawing from a series of references the lecture will debate the emergence of this archaeologies of the future and their practical and ideological implications. Letters from enthusiast's writers, satirical cartoons, explorer's diaries and historical narratives will illustrate the talk.

Ricardo de Ostos is a director of NaJa & deOstos, a London-based studio developed as a platform for experimental architectural design. He is Unit Master at the AA School of Architecture in London, director of the AA Madrid Summer School and guest professor at Ecole Speciale d’Architecture in Paris. He is a co-author of the books The Hanging Cemetery of Baghdad (Springer Wien New York) and Ambiguous Spaces (Pamphlet Architecture 29, Princeton Architectural Press).

Useful Information:
LFA Speaker's Crescent Pavilion, Park Crescent, Westminster, London, W1B 1
20 June, 10 - 10:40am

Attendance is free but booking is essential: http://www.lfa2010.org/event.php?id=312&name=speaker_s_crescent_brazil

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