Brazil Illustrated | 10 Sep – 2 Oct 2009

Handmade typeface designed by Eduardo Recife

Eduardo Recife, 'E o Amor'

Eduardo Recife, 'Heal'

Wagner Pinto, detail of mural

Bruno Kurru, 'Procuro'

The Embassy of Brazil proudly presents Brazil Illustrated, an exhibition of works by three up-and-coming Brazilian illustrators: Bruno Kurru, Wagner Pinto and Eduardo Recife.

As an artistic expression, illustration is probably one of the most inclusive, comfortably accommodating seemingly disparate visual elements such as line drawing, photography, painting and collage.

Part of this year’s London Design Festival, Brazil Illustrated does not aim to create a geographical representation of the practice of illustration in Brazil today, but brings together three individual artists whose work synthesizes the numerous possibilities of the medium in its multiple variations. All three artists incorporate a wide variety of media and materials in their work, whilst still maintaining drawing at the very heart of their practices.

Bruno Kurru's work often surfaces as a response to the environment in which it is presented, and is characterized by a strong relationship between elements of line drawing and appropriated materials, creating an unexpected and yet harmonious ensemble –

Wagner Pinto draws inspiration from the iconography of native and Afro-Brazilian myths, producing works that move subtly between an extravagantly colourful subjectivity and religious symbolism –

Eduardo Recife creates pieces which are a combination of textures, patterns and overlaying objects that create joyful compositions, yet often bearing uncomfortable underlying themes –

All three artists have exhibited extensively in Brazil and in other countries in Latin America, as well as in the United States and Europe.

The exhibition, curated by João Guarantani, concentrates on the possibilities of illustration outside its applied state, before it is appropriated by design and visual communication, and presents an exploration of the most expressive qualities of the medium in its raw state through site-specific installations.

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