Disponha: Contemporary Brazilian Photography from the Inhotim Collection | 4 - 13 Dec 2007

installation view

Rubens Mano, Disponha, photographic print, 108 x 106cm [each]
Inhotim Centro de Arte Contemporânea, Minas Gerais
Disponha – Contemporary Brazilian Photography from the Inhotim Collection is a collaborative project on the part of the Inhotim Contemporary Art Centre and the Brazilian Government represented by the Ministry of External Relations and the Embassy of Brazil in the United Kingdom. This is the first exhibition abroad of the collections of the Inhotim Contemporary Art Centre, which is located in Minas Gerais. The exhibition will run until 13 December 2007.

The exhibition comprises works by six Brazilian artists. These leading artists research photographic images in the contemporary creative context. Although the artists belong to different generations and pursue different lines of creation, Mauro Restiffe, Miguel Rio Branco, Rochelle Costi, Rosângela Rennó, Rubens Mano and Vik Muniz share their elemental interest in the use of photography that widens the limits of its capacity by exploiting other fields of knowledge.

Disponha borrows its title from the works by Rubens Mano, which are being shown in this exhibition. In his diptych, we can see the images of two parked cars in a street in São Paulo. Between the first and the second images, part of the body of the cars is ripped off – a movement that is placed between the randomness of photography and suggestion of the artist’s interference in the scene. In Portuguese ‘dispor’ has various meanings but here it concurrently means to make use and to make available along with setting in space, arranging. The title of this exhibition refers to the use of existing contexts alongside both the added intention and gesture of the artist to those contexts.

In Mauro Restiffe, we can see a work by Vermeer hanging on the wall, thus, establishing a relation between the photographed object-painting and the object that we can actually see. In the celebrated images of the Red Series by Rosângela Rennó, the archive of military images undergoes a digital monochromatic treatment. One of the great masters of photography in the world, Miguel Rio Branco promotes a personal fusion between realism and poetry. His picture, shown in this exhibition, presents an image of a series of boxers photographed in Rio de Janeiro in the 1990s. Rochelle Costi explores the intimacy of bedrooms in an image that portrays the interior of a fleeting reality while Vik Muniz participates with an image made by using large scale, hence, referring to land art.

The Inhotim Contemporary Art Centre is a venue that undergoes continual transformations where art and nature interact in a unique and singular fashion. It is situated in a museum complex in the municipality of Brumadinho in the State of Minas Gerais, 60 km from the capital of the State, Belo Horizonte. Inhotim is a venue for meditation, education and delight with a profound commitment to the socio-cultural development of the local community achieved by means of educational and training programmes available to the public. Its collection holds about 400 works by Brazilian and international artists from the 1960s to date compounding a multi-generational panel and, by the same token, bringing together the largest collection of contemporary art in Brazil on show. At Inhotim, artists are invited to create exclusive works on a permanent basis which transform it into a space for creativity and reflection upon the contemporary creation process.

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