Flags of Brazil - Bandeiras do Brasil | 16-28 Nov 2007

Hélio Oiticica
'Seja Marginal, Seja Herói', 1967
screeprinting on fabric, 83 x 115 cm

detail of Marta Niklaus
'Bandeira de Farrapos', 1993
180 x 200 cm

The exhibition "Flags of Brazil – Bandeiras do Brasil" focuses upon the national flag as a national symbol.

Artists working at different moments in history present their personal interpretations of the flag, creating works in which we can identify aspirations, refutations, exaltations and demands from within the soul of the Brazilian people.

A selection of ten works – part of the first 2003 Bandeiras do Brasil exhibition at the Museum of Republic in Rio de Janeiro – have been selected for this exhibition at Gallery 32. They aim to inspire reflection on aspects of social, economic and cultural life in present-day Brazil, as well as on the country’s recent history.

Martha Niklaus – Curator

"Flags of Brazil" features the following artists: Adolfo Montejo, Anna Bella Geiger, Brígida Baltar, Chang Chi Chai, Hélio Oiticica, Julia Csekö, Marcos Cardoso, Martha Niklaus, Sueli Fahri, Xico Chaves.

installation view

installation view

This exhibition is sponsored by our cultural partners (TAM Brazilian Airlines, Tristão Group, Noronha Advogados and Banco do Brasil), the Museu da República, and IPHAN.

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