Ricardo Carioba: IN SIDE#NO FORM / 19 Dec 2007 – 1 Feb 2008

installation view

The Embassy of Brazil in London is pleased to announce Ricardo Carioba’s IN SIDE#NO FORM. Ricardo Carioba is currently an artist-in-residency in London through the Artist Links programme, a joint initiative from the Arts Council of England and the British Council, with support from the Visiting Arts. IN SIDE#NO FORM is his first exhibition in the UK, including both newly commissioned and existing works in different mediums such as sculpture, photography, video and sound.

In IN SIDE#NO FORM, Carioba creates a completely immersive environment in which the only sources of light are the works themselves, and in which light and sound are the key elements. Drawing on the 20th century legacy of geometric abstraction, Carioba is interested in investigating the structure of forms and subverting the technical processes involved in the production of digital images.

Structure is the underlying principle in the digital video projection 48, which consists of a two-dimensional simulation of a cube-like shape whose faces are continually recombined in a virtual four-dimensional space. By adding a fourth dimension to the traditional 3D simulation of prisms, Carioba arrives at 48 possible combinations that unfold in time, creating distorted shapes. Indication For The Displacement Of A Point In The Three-dimensional Structure, a site-specific glowing resin sculpture which projects itself from one of the corners of the gallery, plays with the architectural structure of the room by altering the viewer’s perception of space. Carioba also establishes a dialogue with architecture in exarq#3, where the image – displayed, digitally constructed and then photographed from the computer screen – closely resembles technical drawings for an impossible building.

Ricardo Carioba was born in São Paulo in 1976, and lives and works in the city. His recent exhibitions include the solo show Ládó 4/4, Technô#2 at Oi Futuro, Rio de Janeiro (2007) and the group show The Communism of Form: Sound + Image + Time – The Strategy of the Music Video at Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo (2007).

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