Street Art Brazil: Tinho, Pato, Flip | 9–30 April 2008

In a bold new move the Embassy of Brazil is giving three of Brazil's most popular street artists an exciting platform in the UK, with Street Art Brazil, a one-off exhibition at Gallery 32.

Having long boasted a particularly rich and diverse urban art scene, Brazil's uniquely colourful and exciting approach to this form of painting has, in a short time, propelled it to the very forefront of the global graffiti movement. The exhibition has come about due to a shared commitment by the Embassy of Brazil and ocontemporary to bring the thriving spirit of Brazilian street art to a wider audience in the UK.

Courtesy of TAM Brazilian Airlines, celebrated São Paulo street artists Tinho, Pato and Flip have made a special visit to the UK for Street Art Brazil, their first ever exhibition in London. In Gallery 32 they have been given free rein to create the kind of extraordinary murals for which they have become famous in Brazil, and a selection of their other artworks are displayed on the graffitied walls.

Tinho, Pato and Flip are all accomplished artists who have developed their skills in the unique atmosphere of São Paulo, Brazil's graffiti capital. As a result, their innovative techniques and emotive styles come in stark contrast to the more traditional forms of street art we are used to in the UK, painting a vivid and colourful picture of modern Brazil.

In its 20-page special supplement devoted to Brazil, published 24 March 2008, The Guardian’s Tom Phillips says that Brazilian design is 'usually recognised for its flamboyance, but it is only recently that its unusual mix of influences is being embraced for its inventiveness, originality and sheer diversity.'

Tristan Manco, author of Graffiti Brasil, says: 'The innovation of Brazilian graffiti is reminiscent of those heady days of New York’s graffiti boom, and artists all over the world are now looking to Brazil as a source of inspiration.'

According to Olivia Connelly, Director of ocontemporary, 'Urban Art is by far the most significant global movement since Pop Art, and Brazil is now considered by many to be the most important root of this movement. It shows great understanding on the part of the Embassy of Brazil that, as a government body, they are willing to open themselves to this exciting new style of art and demonstrate some of the fantastic living artists they have in their country.'

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